User Support

Helpful tips to help you manage your OfficeAccord site.

We hope you enjoy using OfficeAccord!

We put a lot of research and effort into making OfficeAccord easy to use. We hope it is easy to browse and post.  We will update this list of frequently asked questions as the product evolves.

1. Can the system notify me when someone posts what I am looking for?

Absolutely! After you type into the Search Bar what you are looking for, the tool will ask you if you want to save your search. This way, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the tool to alert you when what you are looking for gets posted.

2. Why can I not create a post in a particular tool, for example in Events?

Your organization has probably permitted only certain users to create posts in that category. Contact your Site Administrator via the Contact button found in the Profile dropdown menu.

3. I no longer want to receive notifications from a particular module.

No problem. In the top right Profile dropdown menu, select Notifications.  There you can choose what notifications, if at all, you would like to receive.

4. Are the surveys results and feedback survey truly anonymous?

Yes, they absolutely are anonymous. We take user privacy very seriously. No one from your organization, nor us, can trace your responses. How is that possible, you ask?  When you answer a survey, the tool assigns your response with a random numerical value and only tracks these responses in the aggregate. Even if your organization obtained a list of who voted and how, it would be nothing more than a list of random numbers. Good luck decoding that. 😉

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