Case Study

Harvard University

How we help Harvard University’s 18,000 employees connect with each other.

Company Name: Harvard University
Our client since: August, 2016

The problem:

Harvard University has been a leader in employee well-being within the educational arena. For over a decade, the university has provided an online space for employees to post housing, classifieds, events, and conversations with their colleagues. They call it “HARVie’s Classifieds.”  But the technology became outdated and managing the site took too much time.  They needed a more modern, and efficient tool. 

Why did Harvard choose OfficeAccord?

“OfficeAccord provided just what we needed – a classifieds platform that was able to easily integrate with our employee security platform.  OfficeAccord provides great technical support, highly responsive customer service, its easy, low maintenance, and good pricing.”

– Esther Vegh, Director for HR Communications, Harvard University

What do you like most about OfficeAccord’s service?

“The ease of use for employees and administrators – it just runs itself.

– Esther Vegh, Director for HR Communications, Harvard University

How has OfficeAccord helped you?

“OfficeAccord has helped us by building employee community across many campuses and a large workforce through a colleague-to-colleague platform.”

– Esther Vegh, Director for HR Communications, Harvard University


“We spend less than 2-hours each month administering the tool.”

Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communications

The Results

How we have helped Harvard University.


Would recommend the tool to others

Average New users per month


of employees Actively use the tool

“OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner”

Esther Vegh

HR Communications Director, Harvard University

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