Get started with our Free Plan. Your first 1,000 interactions are absolutely free!

"OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner."

Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communications




How does it work?

Get started in three simple steps.


Step 1: Sign-up

Sign-up using the form above. We will create your company branded site and send you your company branded URL for your members to access the tool.

Step 2: Site set-up

The Manage Site section allows you to configure the site to your preference.  We are also available to help you set up the site.

Step 3: Enjoy!

We will send you a nice looking email introducing the tool and explaining how your members can self-register to access the tool. Your first 1,000 interactions are absolutely free!

What’s included?

Access to the Free Plan features include:

1,000 free interactions

An interaction is any post, comment, RSVP to an event, or response `to a survey.  Get value out of the tool before deciding to buy.

Site metrics

See site usage metrics allow you to see how the tool is being used by your members. (Detailed user analytics offered in our Enterprise plan.)

Unlimited users

No limit to the amount of users you can have. Users can even self-register to remove any overhead necessary.

Basic support

Available email support to help your Site Administrators manage the tool.

Mobile web app

We will create you your own mobile web app that you can save to your mobile device’s home screen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to start?

Absolutely!  We give the first 1,000 interactions for free because we think it’s only fair that you get to see if it adds value before you decide to upgrade to the Premium Plan.  We believe OfficeAccord will be a great fit in all organizations but we respect those who have their reservations and would prefer to try it before they buy it.  

Why must I have at least 50 employees?

We want you to have a great experience using OfficeAccord.  Our experiences have shown that OfficeAccord does not add much value if you are an organization of less than 50 employees.  Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to point you in the direction of some other tools that we think would be a better fit for you.

I filled out the form above, now what?

Great!  A member of our team is creating your private, company branded OfficeAccord site as we speak! Yippee!   Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be created.  We will send you instructions explaining how to access the tool.  We will also provide you with an internal marketing email that you can forward to your members. 

What is considered an “interaction”?

An interaction is any post, comment, RSVP to an event, or response to a survey.   You can track how many interactions your users have made via the Site Usage section.

What happens when we reach 1,000 interactions?

We will contact you when you reach 900 interactions to see if you want to proceed with the Premium version (see our Pricing page for details.)   If you choose not to proceed, your site will be limited to 1,000 interactions.  The site does automatically cleans posts older than 90 days, so it is possible that you will still have limited use of the tool.  

Free and Premium Plans available