Employee Events

Help colleagues meet and connect in ways that most interest them.

"I like finding ways to connect with my colleagues outside of the office."

Dave N.

HR Central


The benefits 

Easily organize events

Sign-up lists, calendar integrations, and event surveys make it simple.

Increase participation at events

Make it easy for employees to find opportunities to participate.

Create community

Help employees meet in ways that most interest them.

You decide who can post events.

Permission settings allow you to choose who can post events in a particular location(s), department(s) and job function(s).   

Stay informed of events that most interest you.

Select your preferred event categories (eg. Sports, Concerts, Health, etc.) and the tool will automatically notify you when a new event has been added to the site.

Survey attendees.

Get the information you need from your attendees before they arrive to ensure a successful event.

Create a great employee experience!