Employee Buy & Sell

A safe, trusted, and convenient employee marketplace to buy and sell personal items.

"I trust the buyers, and they trust me."

John N.

Harvard University

The benefits 

A useful employee perk

Empower employees to help each other live more economically.

Encourage community

A sharing economy helps foster meaningful employee interactions.

Declutter your group chats

A more efficient way for employees to post items to buy and sell.

Built-in monitoring mechanisms keep it safe.

All users have access to the Report button which quickly alerts a Site Moderator of potential issues. Site Moderators can flag or delete an inappropriate post directly from their phone.

A customized terms of use keeps your members and organization protected.

Protect your organization and its members by explaining how the tool can and should be used.  Don’t worry, we have a template that has been vetted by numerous legal departments to help keep you out of harms way.

Create a great employee experience!