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Helpful tips to help you manage your OfficeAccord site.

Helpful tips

We hope the tool is easy to administer. In case you have problems, feel free to contact us if the below frequently asked questions don’t answer your question.

1. How can I customize the profile fiends available to my end users?

Under the Manage Site section, scroll down to Member Fields and select/deselect the profile fields you want your users to have available.  

2. How do I add/remove/edit a Skill or Interest?

Under the Manage Site section, click on the tab Assignment list.  There you can add or edit an existing option.

3. How can I change the categories associated to a particular tool?

We have centralized all categories for ease of use. Under the Settings icon you can select Manage Categories.

4. Are survey results really anonymous?

Yes they are. We take end user privacy very seriously. No administrator can see exactly who voted in a survey. Survey results are only presented in the aggregate (eg. 189 users voted but we can’t see the names of those 189 users.) On the backend, each end user account is assigned a random numerical number. This number is used when a user votes. Even if an administrator could obtain a list of those user accounts, he/she would not be able to desipher with whom the randomly generated number is associated.  

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