OfficeAccord is an all-in-one office community platform to engage and retain employees.

What is OfficeAccord?

OfficeAccord is an office community platform designed to retain and engage employees. This private, social collaboration tool empowers employees to post and find events, housing, classifieds, ride shares, notifications, conversations, surveys, new joiners, birthdays, work anniversaries and more.  We help mid-to-large size organizations take the social chatter out of email and group chats, by providing a more effective community platform for employees to meet and connect.


OfficeAccord improves

Internal communication – remove the social chatter from your business email and group chats by providing a dedicated and more efficient tool for employees to connect.

People analytics – centralize all of your office community communication into one tool to obtain useful metrics to help gauge the health of your office community. 

Employee satisfaction – encourage meaningful employee interactions to increase job satisfaction, retention and brand advocacy.


Our mission

To help organizations engage and retain employees by creating a great employee experience.

Our purpose

To compete for talent, today’s organizations must create a great employee experience. We help organizations meet this growing employee expectation, by providing the most efficient office community tool on the market.

How we are different


1. We are designed community first.  We are not a business communication tool repurposed for community.  We are a dedicated employee experience platform designed to help employees meet and connect in the most efficient way.


2. We streamline your employee communication. Employee productivity suffers when your business communication tools are overcrowded with non-business matters. OfficeAccord goes beyond endless comment threads and mass emails and provides a more efficient way for employees to meet, connect and collaborate. 


3. We provide useful people analytics. With all of your office community communication now in one platform, you obtain useful insights and metrics to help gauge the health of your office community.

We help organizations create a great place to work.  

To retain and attract talent, organizations must create a great place to work.  Leveraging the collective knowledge, trust and convenience of your employee community is the best way to create the type of workplace culture where employees want to be.

"OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner."

Esther Vegh, Director of HR Communications




Create a great employee experience!