Employee Onboarding

One of the joys of working at OfficeAccord is being part of a company whose objective is to help improve the efficiency of other companies. Our mission is to help organizations create a great employee experience that is good for business, good for employee happiness, and great for society. The inefficiencies we sought to improve came from our own employee’s suboptimal employee onboarding and culture experiences with their previous employers.

Take our designer, Ivan. Before joining OfficeAccord as a UX designer, Ivan worked at a company with nearly 20,000 employees worldwide. On his first day, an HR manager brought him into a vacant office, opened her laptop, and clicked through a slide show theoretically aimed at bringing him up to speed. It included information about his duties, the salary conditions, and benefits. It also included more nuanced and company-specific documents such as the employee handbook, the conduct policy, and the office instruction manual. When the slide show was over, Ivan had to sign an agreement stating he would comply with the presentation’s information. He never received a copy.

Death by PowerPoint shouldn’t be a new hire’s first experience. If we ask employees to sign policies, procedures, and handbooks, they should be readily available for reference. What would have happened if there was a dispute involving Ivan? Or, what if he needed to double-check what he’d been presented with? Hearing his story helped us shape OfficeAccord’s onboarding features. Instead of awkward Powerpoints, our employee onboarding function and culture tool provide document review and signing capabilities as well as helpful office information (wifi, visitor policies, handbook, etc.) that can be referenced at any time. Instead of a hard copy, a digital signature complete with a timestamp ensures that both parties can feel comfortable with the information organizations need their new hires to know.

New employees often have more to worry about during their first few days than policy documents and how the printer works. Maybe they’ve moved to a new city and need help acclimating to their new life outside the office as well. OfficeAccord empowers human-focused organizations to demonstrate their commitment to helping staff improve their wellbeing – which 78% of today’s millennials expect their employers to do more of. Having a tool that allows you to not only send and receive core onboarding documents but also update them at the touch of a button improves efficiency and information retention, which leads to a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

Time and money are critical when acclimating employees to their new work environment. With the right tool, you don’t have to compromise either to deliver a great employee onboarding experience. So before you inundate your next hire with another PowerPoint presentation, consider providing a more effective and efficient onboarding tool.

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