What is an employee digital bulletin board?

An employee digital bulletin board is a digital solution to increasing office community, internal communication, and workplace culture.
What is an employee digital bulletin board?

An employee digital bulletin board is a dedicated office communication tool used for posting company announcements and employee non-work related matters.

Why should companies consider having an employee digital bulletin board?

Employees discuss nonwork related matters with their colleagues. An employee digital bulletin board provides and appropriate, dedicated space for them to communicate these nobusiness matters.  This will keep your company email and group chats free of personal matters and open for business.

How does a digital bulletin board differ from Slack, Yammer, HipChat, etc.?

Group chatting services like Slack, Yammer, HipChat, etc. work well for small group discussions but are inefficient at publicizing office-wide communication. Overcrowded group chats can become endless comment threads that are time consuming to follow and cumbersome to read (much like a Facebook wall.)

Thanks to its efficient module designs, an employee digital bulletin board is a more organized and efficient way for employees to quickly post and find information.

What is the difference between an employee digital bulletin board and digital office signage?

Digital office signage displays messages on screens and monitors placed throughout the office building(s).  The content is generated, monitored, and managed by dedicated administrators. The information posted can only be viewed, not interacted with.

An employee digital bulletin board is a private, smartphone friendly digital space for employees to communicate nonbusiness related matters with their colleagues. The tool is displayed privately via a secure access either on the employee’s computer or smartphone. The content can be generated, viewed and interacted with by each employee.