User support

Need help? Check out these user support FAQs.
1. Why does my profile picture not show up when a colleague views my contact details?

Could be because you do not have the display photo option activated.

To do this: 

1. Go to your Profile

2. Tick the box labeled Display for others to see.

3. Click Submit.


2. I do not see the appropriate item category listed.

Contact your site administrator to suggest the new category to be added.

Go to Contact under your Profile dropdown menu.


3. How do I change my password?

1. Go to your Profile and select Settings.

2. Follow the instructions to change your password. 

3. Click Submit to save.

4. How do I hide some of my contact details?

Within your Profile you can choose to display or not display for others to see simply by selecting or deselecting the box as shown below.

Select or deselect

5. I cannot see my department specific events.

To view department specific events you must be assigned to that department.

Go to your Profile and ensure you are assigned to the appropriate primary Department and Additional departments.

6. Event times are not displayed in the correct time zone.

Your account time zone was set by default in accordance with your primary location.

You can manually change your own timezone within your Profile.

Go to: ProfileSettingsTime zone

7. I do not want others to see my contact details until I say it is okay. (Remain anonymous)

Important!  This feature may not be activated on your company site depending your site administrator’s preference.

If your company has activated this feature,  you can hide your contact details from all users allowing you to selectively decide who can view your contact information.

Note: Once you permit a user to view your contact details, that user can then view your contact details in all of your posts.

Example: you approve for a user to view your contact details for a Ride share you posted. He/she will then also be able to view your same contact details when selecting an item you are trying to sell.)

Go to: ProfileSettingsContact privacy

Contact privacy

8. Can I change the language?

Not currently, but we are working on it! We will be adding new languages as we expand into new geographical markets.

9. I can not see a Meet up, Ride share, etc. that has been posted.

When searching for the event/ride share/etc. ensure you are including the correct date range.  By default, the date range will include the current month.

Date range

10. I do not want notifications to be sent to my email.

You can opt out of receiving notifications directly to your email.

11. Can I create an event signup list?

Yes.  Have a limited number of times available? Need your attendees to bring something particular to the event? Add time slots or items to bring.

When creating an event, click at the bottom Allow attendees of this event to sign up for items or time slots. 


Under Signup items,  you can either

  • Add your own signup items
  • or, for Timeslots select Timeslot signup, then Add time range, then choose your time inervals and Submit

12. Can the system notify me when a classified I am interested in gets posted?

Yes. Can’t find what you are looking for? Save your search criteria and the tool will notify you when a new item matching your search criteria has been posted.

1. Type into the search bar what you are looking for:

Save search


2. Select the star button next to the Search bar.

3. Select Email me when a new item meets my search criteria 

4. Click Save.