30-day trial terms of use

We want you to have the best experience during your 30-day trial of OfficeAccord. During this trial period, we kindly request that you please adhere to the following terms of use.

User guidelines: You hereby agree to and accept this Terms of Use in full.  This service is provided to employees of your organization to communicate non-work related matters with memebres of your colleague community. This service is provided for the use of your oganization’s employees only. Users of this service are not to resell items for a profit, not to arrange ride shares with the purpose of earning a profit on transportation costs, nor use this service in any way that harms the health, reputation, or integrity of oneself, other colleagues, or your organization. Your organization is not a party to any agreement or transaction between Users, nor is your organization nor OfficeAccord LLC (service provider) liable in respect of any matter arising from a dispute or between Users or others affected by User’s use of the service. In the event that any User fails to comply with any of the Conditions your organization reserves the right to withdraw the User Account in question and suspend or withdraw all Services to that User without notice. Your organization reserves the right to modify the Conditions at any time without notice and without liability to Users. Users will be deemed to have accepted any varied Conditions in the event that they use any Services offered through the site following publication of the varied Conditions. Changes will not apply to any bookings which have been made prior to publication of the varied Conditions. Please post responsibly.


Some general guidelines are as follows:

  1. Can I post items for sale from a family member or friend (e.g., a car, sofa, etc.)? Yes, as long as it is a personal item and not one purchased for the purpose of reselling for a profit.
  2. Can I post services of a friend or relative such as a hair salon, auto repair service or a restaurant? No. OfficeAccord should not be used as a tool to solicit work for businesses.
  3. Do the guidelines allow me to sell homemade products (e.g., bird houses, candies, jewelry, etc.) on OfficeAccord, or homemade products made by a relative or friend? Yes, as long as they are made as a hobby as opposed to a business and were not bought from someone else for the purpose of reselling on OfficeAccord for a profit.
  4. Can I post information about non-profit/charitable (e.g., school, church, etc.) activities? Yes. The exception to the rule against commercial solicitations is that employees are allowed to post notices announcing charitable events (including fundraising activity) such as a Christmas play or concert. No solicitations should be made for non-charitable organizations, political parties, or political candidates.
  5. Can I post information to rent my condo, mobile home, townhouse, single family house, etc.? Yes, as long as it is not managed under a formal form of business entity such as an LLC, S Corporation, etc. In that circumstance, you would be soliciting for a business which is prohibited in accordance to our guidelines.
  6. Can OfficeAccord be used to ask for a referral for a service like a plumber or a real estate agency? Yes, although responses to referral requests should not be posted on OfficeAccord. Our intent is to allow employees to benefit from the good experiences that other employees have had with a service provider. OfficeAccord should not be used as a tool to solicit work for businesses. If a referral is provided, it should be responded to via e-mail or telephone call, not through OfficeAccord.
  7. My neighbor’s dog just had puppies. Can I post information about the sale of those puppies? Yes, unless your neighbor is a professional dog breeder.
  8. Can I post tickets for an event (i.e., Symphony, football tickets, etc.) on OfficeAccord? It depends. If you purchased tickets that you need to sell because you will not be able to attend the event, then the answer is yes. You may sell those tickets only at face value or less than face value. If you are promoting events or selling tickets and you receive any kind of payment from an event sponsor, you may not post that information on OfficeAccord. Such back-end marketing is considered commercial solicitation and is not allowed.
  9. Are there any restrictions on when I use OfficeAccord? Use of OfficeAccord should not interfere with your work activities. It is each individual’s responsibility not to abuse this privilege.