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We secure, host and protect your data using military grade encryption (SHA-2) both in rest and in transit, password authentication, and the most well-known hosting provider in the world.
We take data protection very seriously. That is why we have partnered with Microsoft Azure’s cloud hosting services. Some of the largest companies in the world use our same hosting provider.

All client data is kept strictly confidential, is never shared, and can be added and deleted by you – our client. All management of client data is designed to provide the most secure and confidential experience possible.  File content is never shared, and all backups are encrypted and performed solely for the purpose of disaster recovery.  Content or files deleted by the client are automatically expired from OfficeAccord’s data base and backups during the next backup cycle (usually every 24 hours.)

Your content belongs to you. OfficeAccord does not scan file content neither manually nor with automated tools for any purpose other than providing full-text searching for clients.  Furthermore, each client has an independent instance of the service with an individual database and file storage.

OfficeAccord Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure beats rivals in high performance cloud computing. Read more

OfficeAccord has chosen a hosting partner that shares our concerns for security, content privacy, and also provides individualized cloud hosting.  


Some of the benefits to our hosting provider include:


  • Reliability – High resilience and multiple layers of redundancy.


  • Security – In addition to multiple security certifications, data center receives an annual SSAE-16 review.


  • Daily backup – Data is backed up on a daily basis to provide the most recent recovery options in the event of a catastrophic data loss.

  • Data encryption – All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.


  • EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework – Microsoft Azure is a leader in providing the valid legal mechanisms to comply with EU requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States (See policy here.)

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