OfficeAccord’s $500 Referral program

Get rewarded for helping us create more human focussed workplaces.

Tell a friend

Spread the word about OfficeAccord to interested parties.


They sign up

Their company signs-up for a Preimum or Pay as you Grow plan.

You get paid!

We send you a check for $500 as a thank you for helping us spread the word.

“OfficeAccord is a great solution and partner.”

Esther Vegh, Associate Director for Communications

Harvard University

Frequently Asked Questions about our referral program

What is the process to get rewarded?

Step 1:  Have your contact reach out to OfficeAccord directly via our Contact form (see top right of your screen.)

Step 2: Within the Contact form, there is a field entitled “Referred by.”  Very important: your contact must add your name and email.

Step 3:  Once he/she has submitted the form, we will reach out to you and infom you as our negotiation process unfolds.

Step 4:  When the first payment for the Premium or Pay asYou Grow plan is made, we will send you a Visa debit card worth $300 as a thank you for helping us spread the word.

How do I get paid the referral bonus?

We will send you the Visa debit card worth $300 once the first payment has been made by the company you referred company.

What if the company I referred forgets to mention my name within the contact form?

Don’t worry! We give credit where credit is due!   We will work with you and the company you referred to find a solution.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.