How it works

Create a more engaging and collaborative organizational culture in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose your tools.

Select a module to learn more.

Company alerts

Stay safe and informed


Find eco-friendly carpools

Office reuse

Post and find unused office supplies


Buy & sell personal items

Employee directory

Search based on skills and interests

Employee housing

Post rentals, sales, and sublets

Employee forums

For special interest groups to dialog

Employee events

Employee meetups and beyond


Link to an existing employee service 

Step 2: We brand, host, secure and integrate your tools.

Custom branding

Tailored to your company’s design

Hosting & security

Data remains private, secure and encrypted. 


Available single sign-on and active directory integration.

Step 3: Add the tools to your intranet via custom URLs and/or RSS Feeds.

Also access via a company branded web app.

Without OfficeAccord

With OfficeAccord

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