OfficeAccord powers Harvard's employee digital bulletin board

Let’s be honest. Not all of our conversations at work are business related. We also look to our colleagues for advice, participation, and help with matters outside of the office. Progressive organizations like Harvard University understand that fostering meaningful human connections with your colleagues enhances community and makes for a more happy and productive workforce.  To aid in this effort, Harvard uses OfficeAccord to power their employee digital bulletin board they call HARVie’s Classifieds.  

“OfficeAccord has been an excellent solution and partner,” says Esther Vegh, Associate Director of HR Communications. 

First 40 days at Harvard

Distinct users

Take away: 

Employees want to connect with their colleagues.

Items posted

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Without this tool, employees may resort to less efficient ways to communicate these matters such as email.



Would recommend this tool to others

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Employees find the tool useful.

Average return visits per user

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Employees frequent the site

Reported issues

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Employees post responsibly.

OfficeAccord I December 3, 2016

OfficeAccord I February 2, 2016

Update: Harvard adds two new modules after just three months

In just three months, Harvard experienced such success with their community tool, powered by OfficeAccord, they added two new modules to their work-life platform.  

This tool is an important part of building community across our large campus, says Esther Vegh, Associate Director of HR Communications.