About us

Our mission

To create a more collaborative and friendly work environment. 

What is OfficeAccord? 

Social widgets to improve employee communication and engagement.  Simple add-ons to provide a dedicated, efficient space for colleagues to connect, share ideas and opportunities.

Why we do what we do

When employees connect, everyone wins. But how employees connect can be disruptive to the business. Cluttered inboxes and business group chats are not efficient. So we set out to provide a better solution. One that would both foster colleague relationships, while reducing the clutter. 

We love what we do! 

OfficeAccord was founded in 2015 to help organizations enhance their workplace culture through improved communication.  Our team of four has over 25 years of combined experience creating, managing, and hosting enterprise level collaboration tools for some of Fortune’s top 500 companies.

Our users love us!


Would recommend our tool to others.

“OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner.”

– Esther Vegh, Associate Director of Communications

Harvard University

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