Our story

About us, how we got here, and why we love what we do.

It all started in the breakroom...

While having a coffee in our company’s breakroom, I overheard my colleagues asking questions and sharing opportunities with one another.  “Want to join us for a hike through the mountains next weekend?”  “Do you know anyone looking to buy a used bike?”  “Do you know a good daycare center near the office?”  “Have you met Maria, our new team member?”  We joined the company not just for a paycheck but to also socialize and collaborate with our colleagues.  But we didn’t have a digital tool to find and post ideas and opportunities taking place within our colleague community.  Our Yammer group chats (Microsoft’s version of Slack) were good for small group discussions but inefficient at office-wide communication. We needed a better tool. A quick, easy way to see what is going on with both the business and each other. This was the idea that started OfficeAccord. 


– Ben Comstock, Cofounder

Our mission

To help organizations create a great company culture.


The modern employee expects more than just a paycheck from their employer – they want to also feel part of their company culture. To do this, organizations must keep their employees informed and connected with the business and each other. We help our clients achieve this mission.

What is OfficeAccord?

HR departments are under pressure to create a great employee experience.  OfficeAccord helps by providing an interactive mobile news feed for communicating office notifications, employee surveys, conversations, events, classifieds, ride shares, housing and more. OfficeAccord empowers employees to stay informed, engaged and connected with both the business and each other.

What makes us different?

Large organizations need a dedicated office community tool to manage their non-business communication. Unlike intranets, OfficeAccord is interactive. Unlike group chatting tools, OfficeAccord goes beyond endless comment threads and instead provides specifically designed tools for more effective employee collaboration (internal surveys, classifieds, events, ride shares, housing, etc.) Unlike Workplace by Facebook, OfficeAccord allows you to pick and choose your tools which can be integrated within your existing employee platforms. 

Our technology

OfficeAccord is an enterprise solution built for organizations who have outgrown group chatting tools, like Slack, and who are in need of a more effective office-wide communication tool. This Software as a Service can be integrated with active directory and single sign-on. The tool can be integrated with a companies existing employee platform and is available via a mobile web app for easy access. OfficeAccord is multi-office/multi-language compatible. It is securely hosted with Microsoft Azure and uses SHA2 military-grade encription.

Our Cofounders

Can you tell that our cofounders are cousins?  It’s true!  Michael and Ben’s mothers are sisters (Ben was adopted from India.)  “I knew I needed a cofounder and could think of no better person than Michael,” Ben recounts. Our team has grown since OfficeAccord’s inception in late 2014.  Our remote team is helping to create the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture.

"I love having a way to connect with my colleagues!"

– End user

"I met a colleague through this tool who is now a close friend."

– End user

"My work is mainly email so to meet a colleague from another department is very rewarding."

– End user

"It's nice to become acquainted with other folks who I might not otherwise have had the pleasure to meet."

– End user

"This is how we found our first ever pet, Turbo the cat!"

– End user