Our story

About us, how we got here, and why we love what we do.

Our mission

To help organizations optimize how their employees connect to create a more happy and productive workforce. 

Who we aim to help?

Mid-to-large sized business who have outgrown email distribution lists, Slack, Yammer, etc. office wide communication but need a solution to help enhance their office community, job satisfaction and/or internal communication.

What is OfficeAccord?

OfficeAccord is all-in-one office community tool. It is more efficient than endless comment threads and mass emails.

What's the problem?

The average employee spends 42 minutes per day using their business communication channels to manage “personal tasks” while at work.  We asked for non-business communication submissions to learn what types of “personal tasks” are being discussed?  Here’s what we found.

Our idea

Our idea is to make it easier and faster for employees to connect, using the most optimized methods to connect.

Our technology

OfficeAccord is an enterprise Software as a Service solution. It can be integrated with Active Directory via SAML2 (single sign-on), Sharepoint, and intranets. We host the application with Microsoft Azure and use SHA2 military-grade encryption both in transit and at rest.  The tools can be securely integrated with an organization’s existing employee platform and also comes with a company branded mobile web app for easy access.

Our Cofounders

Can you tell that our cofounders are cousins?  It’s true!  Michael and Ben’s mothers are sisters (Ben was adopted from India.)  Our remote team has grown since its inception in 2015.  Since then, we have been helping our clients create happier, more productive workforces.

"I love having a way to connect with my colleagues!"

– End user

"I met a colleague through this tool who is now a close friend."

– End user

"My work is mainly email so to meet a colleague from another department is very rewarding."

– End user

"It's nice to become acquainted with other folks who I might not otherwise have had the pleasure to meet."

– End user

"This is how we found our first ever pet, Turbo the cat!"

– End user
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