Our mission

is to help organizations create a more effective office community.

We believe this is important

because effective office communities are more productive, less costly, and more attractive.

To create an effective office community

organizations must have the mechanisms to appropriately share information, listen to employees and foster colleague connections.

We help our clients 

by providing a dedicated office community tool specifically designed to send targeted information to the right groups of employees, to provide surveys and to create a fun and collaborative colleague community.

About us

“Feel free to use our company email and business group chats for non-business matters,” said no sensible company ever.

“Why then do companies not provide an alternative tool dedicated to managing non-business employee communication?” thought cousins Ben and Michael.  So, in 2014 they set out to develop a solution.  OfficeAccord was designed to give organizations and its members a better tool than company email and group chats to manage internal office communication.

We believe employees who feel well informed and connected to their colleagues are more engaged, productive and loyal.  Each of our tools reflects the types of meaningful interactions employees already have with their peers but are doing so in ineffective ways such as sending mass emails or creating endless comment threads that are disruptive to worker productivity.

We help our clients make good on their promise to create an engaging, fun, and meaningful employee experience.

Our users love what we do!


Would recommend our tool to others.

“OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner.”

– Esther Vegh, Associate Director of Communications

Harvard University

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