Tools to create a sustainable workplace culture.

Keep non-work related matters out of your business e-mail and group chats.

Simple add-ons to help your employees connect, share ideas, and find subject matter experts.



Integrations with



Calendar & Mail


Single sign-on

Active directory

“Administrative overhead is less than two hours per month.

OfficeAccord has been a great solution and partner.”

Esther Vegh, Associate Director of Communications

Harvard University

Discussion board

Build community.

Provide a dedicated space for colleagues to discuss non-work related matters.

Strengthen colleague relationships.

Empower employees to find ways to connect with their peers.

Employee engagement

Help each other.

Provide a safe, convenient online marketplace.

Keep employees safe and informed.

Send important safety and product information via text message.

Employee notifications
Employee marketplace

Reduce wasteful spending.

Post unwanted office items for employees to reuse.

Reduce parking congestion and your company's carbon footprint.

Help employees find eco-friendly carpools to work or to a nearby location.

Employee carpool
Employee housing

Help new hires relocate and current employees live more affordably.

Employee engagement

Encourage employee interaction to drive office community and performance.


Internal communication

Keep non-work related matters out of your business communication channels.


Help new hires acclimate to their new company and its people.

Workplace culture

Retain and attract top talent by creating a great place to work.


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